Lay Your Burdens at His Feet

LifePoint Partner, small group leader and Christian inspirational speaker, Carmen Espada shares lessons from her heart at the feet of Jesus. "Grab

Lay Your Burdens at His Feet2021-03-02T18:13:17-05:00

Intention in the Garden

I am taking a day to work in the garden. The week has been full of activity and preparing for future events.

Intention in the Garden2021-02-05T16:59:20-05:00

Peace in the Garden

I grew up in the sixties and clearly remember the riots against the Viet Nam war. In 1967 I was eleven years

Peace in the Garden2021-01-22T09:10:04-05:00

Seasons in the Garden

It’s a chilly morning, the sun is slowly emerging from behind the clouds. Winter is in the air. Our busied lives almost

Seasons in the Garden2020-12-29T12:42:50-05:00

Deliverance in the Garden

I sit watching the sun slowly come up in the garden and find comfort in the shadows becoming light. Each day I

Deliverance in the Garden2020-11-23T11:50:19-05:00

Wedding in the Garden

As a pastor, I am blessed to join two hearts together in a ceremony that has deep meaning to God. As I

Wedding in the Garden2020-11-09T12:17:48-05:00
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