About Jan Puterbaugh

I am a pastor, husband, father, grandfather and now, I am also a gardener. I hope you enjoy Lessons From the Garden as much as I enjoy spending time there with the Lord. Grab a cup, join me, and maybe we can both enjoy a morning with Jesus in the garden.

Why Did I Build This Garden?

I have asked myself many times, “Why did I build this garden?” This morning is a good example of why, and I

Why Did I Build This Garden?2021-10-08T10:13:22-04:00

At the End of Your Rope

A lot has happened this last couple years and now this virus is rearing its ugly head again! It’s not just the

At the End of Your Rope2021-07-20T18:40:18-04:00

Rain of Joy in the Garden

It’s pouring down rain, but there is no thunder. I have been on the porch drinking a stout tea I call Scottish

Rain of Joy in the Garden2021-04-21T11:20:44-04:00

Intention in the Garden

I am taking a day to work in the garden. The week has been full of activity and preparing for future events.

Intention in the Garden2022-04-22T06:43:50-04:00
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