Prayer in the Garden

I spend a lot of time on my knees in the garden, digging little holes that become the new homes of different

Prayer in the Garden2020-11-02T09:34:17-05:00

Blessing in the Garden

Kelly and I woke this morning at the crack of dawn. Our grandsons are on their way to spend the day. What

Blessing in the Garden2020-10-26T10:05:27-04:00

Forgiveness in the Garden

We had some plants that started growing in the wrong place; I had to move them. We have others that I can

Forgiveness in the Garden2020-10-19T20:57:01-04:00

Amazement in the Garden

Do you ever stop to enjoy amazing moments? When I wake each morning, my eyes open in the quiet darkness and the

Amazement in the Garden2020-10-12T12:23:31-04:00

Healing in the Garden

It’s a quiet morning. There is calm in the air. I woke early this morning. My routine every day is to walk

Healing in the Garden2020-10-05T11:15:21-04:00

Rejoicing in the Garden

A few weeks ago, I sat in my special place on the patio in our garden. The breeze started to build as

Rejoicing in the Garden2020-09-28T11:24:03-04:00

Glory in the Garden

My wife, Kelly, and I were pondering many things the other day, as we often do. We sat in our garden reflecting

Glory in the Garden2020-09-21T11:10:23-04:00

Trust in the Garden

Some days I wake, and there is trouble in the garden. A raccoon occasionally gets hungry for sunflower seed, and a few

Trust in the Garden2020-09-14T10:26:38-04:00

The Song of the Garden

Do you ever just sit in a peaceful place and contemplate the greatness of our creator- God? He has entrusted us with

The Song of the Garden2020-09-07T08:25:40-04:00

Wonders in the Garden

My name is Jan. I am a pastor, husband, father, grandfather and now, I am a gardener. I always told my wife

Wonders in the Garden2020-09-06T21:35:07-04:00
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