Why Did I Build This Garden?

I have asked myself many times, “Why did I build this garden?” This morning is a good example of why, and I

Why Did I Build This Garden?2021-10-08T10:13:22-04:00

God Hears your Prayer

What is prayer? What does Prayer mean to you? I think we all have a certain knowledge that Prayer means that we

God Hears your Prayer2021-04-28T09:35:10-04:00

Prayer in the Garden

I spend a lot of time on my knees in the garden, digging little holes that become the new homes of different

Prayer in the Garden2020-11-02T09:34:17-05:00

Blessing in the Garden

Kelly and I woke this morning at the crack of dawn. Our grandsons are on their way to spend the day. What

Blessing in the Garden2020-10-26T10:05:27-04:00
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