A New Teaching Series: Titus

Imagine that you’re exploring an old abandoned house and you stumble upon an ancient looking chest. Looking through the chest you find a stack of letters, handwritten and personal. You wonder if you should read them, after all, they are not addressed to you but to someone else. Eventually, your curiosity gets the best of you and you begin by opening a letter that was written to a young man, just beginning his ministry as a pastor…

The Letter of Titus is just such a letter. It was written by the apostle Paul to one of his “spiritual sons,” a young man named Titus. Reading the letter is like eavesdropping on a personal conversation between a teacher and a student. It contains guidance and suggestions on how Titus should conduct himself and how he should lead the churches in Crete.

Over the next five weeks at LifePoint we’ll immerse ourselves in this letter, gleaning whatever we can from it’s contents. We’ll see how this personal letter applies to us as a congregation and how it impacts us personally.

  • Week 1 – Entrusted (1:1-4)
  • Week 2 – Bad Teachers (1:5-16)
  • Week 3 – What Women Should Do (2:1-15)
  • Week 4 – What Men Should Do (3:1-8)
  • Week 5 – No Division (3:9-15)

I look forward to seeing you at LifePoint during this teaching series.

Pastor Phil