Do You Really Trust Him?

All across our Christian faith, we talk about trusting in God. But what does trusting in God really mean?  How do you

Do You Really Trust Him?2022-02-16T16:46:00-05:00

Speak Faith To Your Mountain

What is the biggest mountain you have ever seen? Or maybe even climbed? There are so many beautiful mountains, to name just

Speak Faith To Your Mountain2021-06-30T11:18:48-04:00

A Cry in the Storm

Everyone has experienced a storm in their life in one form or another. When was the last time you were in a

A Cry in the Storm2021-06-08T17:55:48-04:00

God Hears your Prayer

What is prayer? What does Prayer mean to you? I think we all have a certain knowledge that Prayer means that we

God Hears your Prayer2021-04-28T09:35:10-04:00

Lay Your Burdens at His Feet

LifePoint Partner, small group leader and Christian inspirational speaker, Carmen Espada shares lessons from her heart at the feet of Jesus. "Grab

Lay Your Burdens at His Feet2021-03-02T18:13:17-05:00
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