Dear LifePoint Family,

As you may have heard last Sunday, I have the opportunity to take a sabbatical during the month of October. This is a regularly scheduled event. Each pastor at LifePoint is entitled to one month off for every seven years of service. Having been at the church for 14 years, this is my second sabbatical.

The word Sabbatical comes from the Hebrew word, Shabbat, which means, “to cease.” God instructed His people to rest one day per week and also to leave their fields unplanted every seven years. God knew that it was important to allow rest and rejuvenation from time to time. That is the purpose of my sabbatical.

On my sabbatical, I will be ceasing my regular pastoral duties. I will not be in the office nor at LifePoint on Sundays. We have a great lineup of teachers for October, including Matt Clark, Laura Martin, Joel Potter, Jan Puterbaugh, and JJ West. They will be continuing “The Unshakables” teaching series until I return. The rest of my regular duties will be capably handled by Pastor Jan, Pastor Matt, the elders, and the rest of the team.

During my time away I will be reading books that will encourage me spiritually. I will be in attendance at nearby local churches as a worshipper. I have a few “prayer hikes” planned in the Ocala National Forest as well as a trip with my family.

I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to refresh myself spiritually and emotionally. I look forward to being with you all again in November. Until then, keep being a great church full of wonderful people who love and take care of each other. Continue to encourage each other at every possible opportunity (Hebrews 10:25).

In Christ,