LONGWOOD, FL – Starting on Sunday, August 13, LifePoint Christian Church will begin live streaming their 9 am weekly worship service. Using four “smart” cameras, every aspect of the worship experience will be captured, including worship music and teaching. Online guests will be able to participate in the LifePoint experience through the LifePoint Facebook page, the LifePoint web page, the LifePoint Mobile app, and on YouTube.

When asked about the upcoming live streaming technology Pastor Phil Ayres said, “LifePoint is a great church family and we’re hoping to extend and offer that same family experience to more people through the web.” While he admits that joining an online service is not the same as attending church in person, he pointed out that a church community online is better than no church community at all.

The virtual attendees will be warmly welcomed by an online “greeter” and will be able to interact with the congregation through the use of chat screens, interactive polls, and social media.

The new team will be lead by father and son team, Tony and Zach Zaccaro. About the new technology, Tony said, “the next generation is spending more time online than ever before. It’s important that we expand the reach of the gospel to the millennial generation. This technology helps us do that.”

The service will be broadcast in hi-res 1080p HD video but will be available at lower resolutions for people with a limited data connection. In addition to the Sunday broadcast, LifePoint has plans to use the live streaming technology to train volunteers across multiple locations.

For more information on the new LifePoint Live Video Team or to find out how to watch, visit our web site at or call 407-327-6468.