Many times those people we associate with our most painful, shameful moments, won’t even know that they cause pain by bringing up memories from the past.  It’s very likely that they have not yet received   Whether it be in the form of thoughtless joking of former close friends and associates, or people who feel the need to hang our history over our heads, or if we ourselves have a hard time separating those memories and feelings from certain places, people, etc.. We need to step back and gain perspective on the power those people, places, and things have in our lives.

We can turn.  That means we don’t have to play along and laugh uncomfortably at the things we used to find funny but now cause twinges of pain.  We don’t have to say or do the same things in front of people that we may have said formerly, and then walk away and feel bad about it.  Christ calls us to turn from our sin, and boldly walk a new path, and you know what?  He gives us the POWER to do so.

Sometimes distance is the best remedy.   Sometimes, distance is exactly what is needed to allow us the space we need to bask in the true, redeeming, life changing forgiveness we receive through Christ. The distance doesn’t need to last forever, or it may.  It is about the power those people and situations have in your life.

When we allow Christ in to reside in our hearts, to lead our ways and guide our paths, we become changed individuals.  You feel it.  I feel it. God knows it, and rejoices in the beauty of His love for us realized.

Written by Jennifer Friedline