Make God's glory resound;
echo his praises from coast to coast.
Isaiah 42:12 (MSG)

What Is Worship?

For us, worship is about putting God in His rightful place in our lives. Singing together is a reminder of his goodness and glory and helps to admire and reflect on His love and forgiveness. Therefore, our unified voices are a response to what He has done in our lives a declaration of His glory.

The Worship Band

We strive to create a healthy and fun environment where we can craft our skills as musicians while serving our peers in the process.  As a band we are not here to “perform” for the congregation, but instead to serve the congregation through the leading of songs, prayer, and times of reflection.

Joel Swan
Joel SwanWorship Leader since 2012

Some of The Songs We Lead

Our goal in choosing music each week is to find songs that connect with the congregation emotionally and are also theologically accurate. That’s why many of the songs we sing are modern renditions of ancient hymns.

Getting Involved

Time of Involvement:
Up to 2 services per month, or on an as-needed basis.
Practice on the Thursdays from 7:30-9:30pm
Sunday mornings from 7:10am until the end of second service.

Born again believer; Jesus Christ is Your Lord & Savior.
Attending LifePoint for longer than 3 continuous months.
A servant hearted leader, someone who looks to offer their skills wherever needed.
A heart for learning/leading others in worship.

Positions Available:

Any musical talent (singing, instrumentalist, etc)


Join Us On Sunday


We invite you to bring your family and friends this Sunday and experience the worship at LifePoint for yourself. We hope to see you there!