Intention in the Garden

I am taking a day to work in the garden. The week has been full of activity and preparing for future events.

Intention in the Garden2021-02-05T16:59:20-05:00

Peace in the Garden

I grew up in the sixties and clearly remember the riots against the Viet Nam war. In 1967 I was eleven years

Peace in the Garden2021-01-22T09:10:04-05:00

Seasons in the Garden

It’s a chilly morning, the sun is slowly emerging from behind the clouds. Winter is in the air. Our busied lives almost

Seasons in the Garden2020-12-29T12:42:50-05:00

Deliverance in the Garden

I sit watching the sun slowly come up in the garden and find comfort in the shadows becoming light. Each day I

Deliverance in the Garden2020-11-23T11:50:19-05:00

Wedding in the Garden

As a pastor, I am blessed to join two hearts together in a ceremony that has deep meaning to God. As I

Wedding in the Garden2020-11-09T12:17:48-05:00

Prayer in the Garden

I spend a lot of time on my knees in the garden, digging little holes that become the new homes of different

Prayer in the Garden2020-11-02T09:34:17-05:00
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