Let’s Get Ready To Worship

It’s 9:00, the countdown is over, the lights go up, the guitars start to buzz. Its time. For what, you ask? Since LifePoint started in 2002, one of the constant elements in our services has been worship music. Every week starts the same way; thumping bass, singing choruses, and drums, oh the drums. But WHY do we worship the way we do? I mean, King David didn’t spend his days worshiping God with harp solos, did he? Guess what? He did.
In the lives of the Hebrews, music played a big part in their religious ceremonies. Prophets such as Elisha used music to help the people be more receptive to God’s Spirit (2 Kings 3:15).
At LifePoint, we use our time of worship as a way to focus our minds together and sing praises to God. What better way to focus on God than joining together as as the body of Christ and lifting his name together!
I’ll tell you something about our worship band at LifePoint. They are great to work with. Our volunteers have a heart for Jesus and love to worship with LifePoint’s partners. It is real easy, being on stage week in and week out, to get an inflated sense of importance or to view each service as a performance for others. But our worship band is special in that I have not seen one ego out of check. Each band member focuses on the task at hand – which is leading and engaging in worship with the congregation as we lift praises to God. I see the attitude of Paul (2 Corinthians 4:5 ) in our band each striving to keep Jesus name above our own.
So as the music starts and the lights turn on be ready to join together as the body of Christ. Worship is more than a few songs, it’s our way to Focus on Christ and say thank you to God for all that He’s done.