New Teaching Series – Job: Life In The Storm

Job is an amazing character in the Bible. He was tested and in the end his faith prevailed. However, he was not without qualms. Not only were his children and fortune taken from him, but he was also surrounded by a doubtful wife and unencouraging friends. When he was at his lowest he took a brave and honest prayer before God. He didn’t receive the answer he was looking for but he did hear from God – in a big way.

This five-week session is designed to strengthen your faith and bring you closer to God. In addition to the Sunday sermons, we are also providing a companion study guide for your personal study or to use in your small group.

Download Here
Download Here
  • Week 1: The Struggle Is Real (Job 1-2) [download]
  • Week 2: No Pain No Gain (Job 2:9) [mp3j track="download@" volslider="y"]
  • Week 3: Friend or Foe (Job 2:11-12:11) [mp3j track="download@" volslider="y"]
  • Week 4: Questioning God (Job 29)
  • Week 5: God’s Answer (Job 38-42)